BOSCO doubles its bandwidth!

With the arrival of the SEACOM fiber optic cable late this year, many cities across Kenya, Uganda and the East African region experienced higher speed Internet connections at reduced costs. The cable landed on the coast, in Mombasa, Kenya and slowly made its way toward Kampala, Uganda.

Using a local ISP, Uganda Telecom, we received notice that the effects of the SEACOM cable's arrival in Uganda has finally increased the bandwidth we are receiving in Gulu. We were previously using an 256 kbps connection and now we are running at 512 kbps for the same price we were previously paying at 256 kbps.


  1. Marc Lepage said...

    ..and can you really feel the difference? are there now applications you can use that you could previously not?
    what is the average actual throughput you're getting in Gulu?
    keep on the good work!!  


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