Our New Newsletter

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new newsletter. We can all use this space to post updates on the progress of BOSCO, and to reference all past communications and progress.

I am inviting all the board members, as well as Philipp Glaser and Stefan Bock (our local admins in Gulu) as well as Fr. Okumo and also Kevin Adams, who has been of help in the past and remains interested in our project. Thanks Kevin!

This blogger software is very user friendly, and can be easily worked with by all, even the techno-unsavvy, if I may be allowed to make up words as I go along...

I linked the title of this post to our main website as an example, and any of you can do this on any of your posts, if you so choose.

Our newest board member, Kevin Bailey of Notre Dame, has financed via donations his trip to Uganda this summer, where he will work on behalf of BOSCO along with Joe, Philipp and Stefan. His desire to compose a journal is one of the purposes of this new site.

We have also wished to have a weekly/monthly newsletter in order to keep in contact with our recent donors, interested friends, and other NGO's interested in Uganda, as well as expatriate communities such as Acholinet.

You will find your invitations in your email inbox, from "Blogger" asking you to log in to this site as a contributing author. You need only a Google account and a password to do so. I hope you all find this site useful and that we can all use it together, for each other, but also in any way each of us wishes as an individual. There are a world of possibilities.

You can post your own compositions, or post articles, videos, sound files or pictures. You see, in the right hand column, two forms. One is a simple email subscription form, which will notify the user via his inbox every time a new posting has occurred. The other is a "Subscribe options" button, which allows for both email subscription, and for the user to select a newsreader of his choice, if this is his preferred method. As a member of this site, you will receive email updates from FeedBlitz automatically.

As a supplement, I could also use a bulk email list as backup, to inform our disparate group of friends and supporters of updates if we wish to avail ourselves of that option, for example in the case of previous patrons, which we discussed at our last meeting.

Don't forget to make use of the "Spell check" option when posting. Let's spread the word!...T


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