BOSCO in the news

See a recent article highlighting BOSCO's work in THIS Magazine:

An update from Pagak

Click here for an update from Pagak by Chrisopher, director of an agricultural movement in the region and also a BOSCO Web 2.0 training volunteer. As the IDP camps close down, people are reconstructing their lives in their home villages and are once again accessing the land that provides their livelihoods through farming.

New BOSCO sites online

The newest BOSCO sites to come online in the last two weeks include: St. Jude's Orphanage and school (near the Catechists Training Center in Gulu); Lacor Seminary (secondary school for young seminarians); Lacor Primary School (where BOSCO volunteer trainer Jokondino teaches, featured here); and finally, Pabo Secondary school (Government run school) which complements the already connected Pabo Comprehensive Secondary School (Catholic school).

-BOSCO Gulu team


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