Greeting from Gus

Greetings to everyone on the BOSCO Newsletter from Gus Zuehlke. It's remarkable to see how BOSCO has multiplied in sites searchable on Google since we launched the project One thing which has fascinated me is the visits we have been getting on our website from all corners of the world!

I hope this newsletter will be another way of increasing our communications with the world community. Just today I received a phone call on the BOSCO VoIP system from the IDP camp named Unyama. This call would have been unthinkable just over a year ago, but thanks to the dedicated efforts of Ted, our friends from Inveneo, and of course VoX, as well as Philipp Glaser and Stefan Bock, this phone call was made possible.

All best wishes to all my BOSCO friends!...Gus Zuehlke


  1. Anonymous said...

    From all of us at Inveneo - you're welcome. Its stories like yours that keep us excited about our work and its impact.  


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